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Are you a student plugging away at your studies but not getting anywhere? Have past years studying revealed a few traps that you fall into over and over again?

Do any of the following sound familiar:

  • I get overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me - I don’t know where to start and how to hold all of the information in
  • When I push myself, I start feeling exhausted, and my brain turns to mush with slow thinking and poor memory.
  • I find myself procrastinating. A lot! My room might suddenly be really tidy, but inside I’m still panicking about all of the work that has to get done.
  • I get caught up in trying to do things perfectly - I spend far too long on tasks, or I don’t bother making a start, because I know I won’t be able to get it to the level I want it to be.

If this all sounds a bit too close to home, then Nimble Noodle may be just the course for you. We will help you thrive through high-pressure periods of study; boosting performance, and preventing burnout, through good health and clever mindset habits.


A Nimble Noodle is someone who can use their brain flexibly. When it comes to students, we’re talking about using your noodle in a nimble way so that you can stay focused on your studies and make it through to the end of the year. You see, being successful in your studies isn’t just about studying. It’s about:

  • Understanding how you learn and how to work with it (rather than against it),
  • Getting into the right mindset for studying,
  • Learning how to maintain your focus and resist procrastination, and of course,
  • Having a body that lasts the distance

In our Nimble Noodle online course we’ll help you in a holistic way - academically, psychologically, and physically.


To help to make the ideas in the course more concrete and easier to remember, we have used various cooking references to describe your studies. We use the analogy of cooking a bowl of noodles when referring to various phases of the course which is organised into three main parts :

THE PREP SECTION is where you learn the essential skills for your studies. It contains the following modules:

  • Groundwork, or Meta-learning teaches you how to take a bird’s eye view of your studies and to be strategic in your approach
  • Mindset is key to motivation and performance, hence Nimble Noodle devotes an entire module to this little thing that drives whether we approach our studies or avoid them altogether (hello, procrastination!).
  • Study Skills are so much more than just rote-learning. Here we take a closer look at how to work better with your memory.

Here's a sneak peek as to what you'll find in the PREP section.

THE COOK SECTION is all about staying on track with your preparation and lasting the distance. The three modules in this section help you to:

  • Energise your body with simple hacks for your diet, exercise, and sleep so that your body can last the distance.
  • Sharpen your focus when it comes to your studies, with recipes for fixing procrastination (hint: look at shifting habits, mindset, and environment), setting effective and manageable goals, and learning how to manage your time better.
  • Sustain your efforts so that you don’t burn out or get derailed by the ups and downs of life. Here, we take a good look at how mindset and self-talk can make a real difference to whether you stay on track or check out altogether.

THE PLATE UP SECTION is for when the pressure is on and it’s time to produce the goods.

  • Exam preparation, which includes an exam planner, takes you through what to focus on, and how to flex that exam muscle as best as possible.
  • Exam day tips for crunch time help you to prepare on the day so that you can breeze through it as best as possible.
  • Exam anxiety is all about learning to develop a less heightened response to exams, and is based on cognitive-behavioural techniques such as shifting self-talk, dialling down unhelpful thinking styles, and retraining the anxiety response via exposure.


Imagine feeling confident that you have your studies under control. That you have the energy, motivation and skills to deal with a big workload and whatever else comes your way.

That's what it feels like to be a Nimble Noodle. Join us and get started today


Dr Joyce Chong is Clinical Psychologist at The Skill Collective. She has worked with many students over the years to build better study skills and better mindset to boost wellbeing, mental health, and performance.

Dr Kevin Yong is a GP at Floreat Medical, in Perth WA. He believes health is more than just the absence of disease and that health can make you better at life all round. He is passionate about helping people live healthier happier lives.


Sample Videos

Want more information? Below are the Introduction and Overview videos for the course. Click on them to view.

And for an even deeper dive into the course contents, here's the full curriculum with the complete video (over 5 hours!), audio and workbook lists for each module.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to do this course?
Nimble Noodle is an online course that you complete at your own pace. The course is made up of many short videos (usually 5-10mins long) which are illustrated slides with voiceover narration from Joyce and Kev. We have broken it down like this to make it easier to find the bits that interest you and so you can go through the course bit by bit without needing a big chunk of time to do it. There's a lot of good stuff in here, however, there could also be a lot of stuff that is new for you. So don't get overwhelmed. Go through the course slowly and put a few ideas and tips into play at a time. Once you have the hang of those, then start building on your repetoire. You'll be on your way to being a true Nimble Noodle in no time!
Who do I contact if I have questions about the course?
Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you've watched our videos, and given it a really good shot with trying out the skills covered in Nimble Noodle and are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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